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The Lipoma Center Los Angeles is a private healthcare facility located in the heart of Beverly Hills. As a premier center for lipoma removal surgery and treatment, our world-class lipoma doctors have a record of excellence in delivering comfortable, effective care. Additionally, our premises allow patients to come and go discreetly, giving you an entirely private experience. At the Lipoma Center Los Angeles, we have designed our entire center around you. If you or a loved one is suffering from lipomas, you will be pleased to find some of the most effective results in lipoma removal available.

Top Los Angeles Lipoma Doctors

From diagnosis to full recovery, the doctors at Lipoma Center Los Angeles are proficient in every aspect of lipoma removal and treatment. Our team consists of surgeons and experienced lipoma doctors who deliver positive and effective treatment, making the Lipoma Center Los Angeles a primary destination for patients seeking lipoma removal surgery and treatment. The success of our doctors comes from their passion for helping people heal. They are a motivated, integral part of your entire procedure, from the very beginning to your final follow-up appointment.

State of the Art Facility

The Lipoma Center Los Angeles is a private healthcare facility located in Beverly Hills, which is advantageous to our patients in many ways. Unlike the chaotic environment of a hospital, our space is luxurious and personable, treating each patient like an individual, not a number. Our facility has maintained a perfect safety record—none of our lipoma patients have suffered complications following treatment. Additionally, without the overhead of a giant hospital facility, we provide lipoma removal surgery at a reduced rate. Overall, it’s a place that’s simply pleasant.

Expert Lipoma Removal Surgery

In the interest of giving our patients the very best in lipoma removal surgery, the Lipoma Center Los Angeles has every aspect of your lipoma treatment covered. We’ve found that patients do best in a comfortable, soothing environment, so that’s exactly what we’ve provided. From the moment you enter our office, you will notice that each member of our team is united towards the common purpose of freeing you from the burden of lipomas. No matter the size or location of your lipoma, our facility will ensure you succeed.

Insurance Made Easy

Despite the fact that most lipomas are harmless, lipoma removal surgery is generally covered by insurance because they are symptomatic. At the Lipoma Center Los Angeles, we understand that insurance can be somewhat confusing. Our insurance experts will work with you and your insurance company to get the maximum benefits from your plan. All we need is your insurance information. We’ll do the rest.